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Former Principal Reveals Secrets to Getting Good Grades and Finding Your Calling
I'm giving away my book!
"Choice Knowledge for Students"

(Watch this video to learn what's inside the book)

What Is This Book About?
I want to give you this valuable book to help you get 3 key things…

   1) Good Grades
   2) Great Friends
   3) Gain Respect

The truths found inside will empower, enliven, and enrich your calling to excel in life more than you could ever imagine.

How to receive this book.

There's NO cost for the book.
This book, Choice Knowledge for Students, is COMPLIMENTARY...

I've done the hard work of writing it. 
Now, I want you to receive the knowledge from it.

Help me cover the small shipping and handling fee of $9.

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*There's no cost for the book, help me cover the shipping / handling fee (just $9 to anywhere in the world).
Hurry, This OFFER won't last long!
Three Key Things You Will Learn


"How to get inside the mind of your teacher and earn a good grade. Keep growing and learning! As you read and grow, you'll find new ways to become a greater student, and discover that life is a university."


"How to get along with your peers. How to seek common ground as great friends; remember: Real friends love you no matter what, and best of all, they can just be there when you need to hang out!"


"How to gain respect from your peers, teachers, parents, and other adults. You have to show people that you are trustworthy and reliable, because trust is earned! Learn that you get what you give."

"Learn, Grow and Find Your Calling "


Editorial Reviews

“The book is great! I liked how the book is inspirational. Some of the pages have funny titles and teach funny things. A lot of kids would like this book. It is so awesome! This book is a guaranteed bestseller. No book can match up to this one.”
-- Alfred Ponder, Age 8, 4th Grade

“For the parent of a young child during the pre-school to elementary years it provides a guide to help young students navigate through the early years of education. Additionally, the gems left by Dr. Culp can aid your child through the transitions they face while in middle school. And these ageless nuggets of knowledge can also serve as a reminder to help the seemingly insurmountable teen years when your watchful eyes are further from your loved ones.”
-- Bryan Neely, Morehouse College Graduate

“Our youth are bombarded with more choices and challenges than ever before. How they face their difficulties hinges on their preparedness. Choice Knowledge for Students provides the tools to help instill confidence and assuredness to tackle whatever they face. Choice Knowledge is a keepsake of thought-provoking information whether the reader is 8 or 18, a parent or an educator.”
-- Joniese White, Youth Adviser, Parent

“Choice Knowledge for Students is a must read because we are all students and life-long learners. Building ones inner strength is a powerful tool because one will always have oneself around when other sources of strength are not there. This is a brilliant piece of work that can foster better relationship with self and others. The author has ‘been there, done that’ and actualizes every aspect of the book.”
-- Carol Ugonna, Certified Teacher, Georgia

Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:


Too often, young people have been told to wait until they are older. They have been told you won't understand. I'm here to tell you that you can! You're too young, you don't know what you're doing, you can't.

You are America's greatest asset. You are building the future of a society where people want to live. You are creating a place where everyone can live well. A lot of that depends on the education you receive today. Education isn't just about tests and grades and homework. Your heart and your soul are also growing!

This book provides the wisdom you need as you grow and change. As you step out into the world armed with this wisdom, you'll realize that only you can define beauty…and the most beautiful people are kind and honest. The haters and the fakers and the "cool" kids don't have any power over you because you are an influential person in your own right!


How do I know? Because I worked at different schools for forty years. Half of that time I spent teaching. The other half I spent as a principal of a school very much like yours. I worked with kids who had learning disabilities and those who were at the top of their grades. 

Some of the students transferred in at the middle of the year and fit right in. Others came in on the first day and felt totally lost! I taught black kids and white kids, rich ones and poor ones. I helped some students catch up with their schooling and waved others off to college.

Every one of those young people had goals and dreams. Every one of them also needed a little guidance or extra help. They all had strengths—some that lay hidden and others that blazed bright! Every one of those kids got one hundred percent of my attention. Because I want to keep helping students like you, I decided to write this book.



Over my career, I've had the honor to have been around many bright and amazing students. Some of them have grown up to achieve their dreams. They became leaders, innovators, and respected members of society. Others had potential, but needed more support along the way.

By giving away this book, it is my way of continuing to help those who want help. I want to use my years of knowledge to keep serving the youths of tomorrow.


The catch is this... by giving away this book at not cost, I get to meet you. This is the start of our relationship. Along this journey, should you need more help beyond this book, now you know that I am a resource.

I provide tutoring, mentoring, and coaching services to students, families, and schools. My book on your shelf means that when you're looking for someone to assist, I'm already there in your home. I'm just a page away.

I'm giving you this book at no cost.
All I ask is that you help me cover the small shipping and handling cost of $9.